Today's Rate
  Gold (22K) 1gm   |  INR  4600
 Silver 1gm   |  INR 61.50
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Gold Gain

Monthly Installment Paid Amount (11 Months)/Current Rate = Gold Weight
1,000 1000/2778 = 0.360
2,000 2000/2778 = 0.720
5,000 5000/2778 = 1.80
10,000 10,000/2778 = 3.60


 No making charges.

 No 916 wastage charges.

 You can protect your savings from fluctuations by having average gold rate.


 The monthly instalment must be paid continously for 11 months. During the instalment pay date, gold will be credited to your account.

 Customers can purchase 916 hallmark jewels, without any making and wastage charges after a month from the last paid installment amount.

 Monthly instalments should be paid on or before the 7th of each month.Only one instalment will be accepted per month.NPR thangamaligai management is not responsible for the gold market price fluctuations.

 The scheme enables customers to purchase 916 gold jewels and coins. Diamond, Platinum, Ruby & Emerald and real stones jewellery cannot purchased under this scheme. No cash payment will be given under any circumstances for the paid amount.

 Benefits are only eligible to those who pay their monthly installments regularly.

 After the installments(one installment per month) are paid completely for 11 months one can avail the benefits.Those who fail to pay the installments, the amount paid will not be refunded at the middle of the scheme.After 11 months installments are complete, gold jewels can be purchased only for the paid amount.

 Benefits will not be given to those who discontinue the scheme midway.

 Members should ensure that payments are correctly entered. Incase of any difficulty contact immediately the management of NPR thangamaligai, Theni.

 Bonus and intrest will not be included at the end of the scheme.

 Special or new offers declared by the management will not be applicable for this scheme.

 The management reserves every right over the terms and conditions of this scheme and can change the conditions at any time.

 All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Theni.

 Gold jewels will be provided without wastage charges for the gold that is credited to your account.The making and wastage charges will be included when one buy gold more than the gold that is credited to your account.

 VAT will be included to gold jewellery purchase at the end of the scheme.

 Members should bring your mobile( for receiving OTP )and original identify proof at the time Of maturity while buying jewels. Without OTP you cannot buy jewels. Members should not Disclose OTP to others.